DCA Provices independent personal property appraisals to clients throughout Texas and the surrounding region. With a background in the commercial art market, including primary and secondary market galleries and auction houses. DCA's appraisals are informed by first-hand market experience, participation in countless auctions, and professional connections that add nuance and expertise to our appraisal documents. DCA Provides appraisals of fine and decorative art for insurance, estate, donation, and equitable distribution. DCA is trusted by many top wealth managers, probate lawyers and trust companies, and is certified to the highest professional standards.





DCA has a breadth of experience in art advisory services, for corporate, commercial, civic, and private clients. Typical services include collection management, art acquisitions, large-scale art commissions, cultural planning, valuation expertise, assistance in disposition of personal property through private and auction sales, and advice to artists and artist's estates.


DCA's experience and relationships with a myriad of specialists is unparalleled. We can quickly obtain proposals from primary and secondary market sources, negotiate advantageous terms, offer an analysis of the current market and sales options, secure preferential terms at auction, and advise on sales solutions for estates.




Houston, TX